Agressive buying - Don't take yourself off the market until you have a contract!

The spring Rockford real estate market is well under way. Rockford buyers may actually find themselves competing for the best priced homes here and in the surrounding market.

My two most recent buyer clients have had to write more than one offer, on more than one property and compete with other buyers to get what the home they want. In these situations, buyers must follow the lead of an agressive buyer agent. When submitting an offer in a competing situation, buyers should not "take themselves off the market" waiting for a seller response.  Especially when the seller is bank. Another good property may pass in the meantime after your offer is rejected. Sellers do not take their homes off the market until the contract is signed. Likewise, buyer's should not stop shopping until they have a signed contract. Most buyer agents, however, may not support this approach.

My buyer recently made three offers in the same time frame. One such property was bank owned and took about 4 weeks to get a response. In the end, we had our choice of two homes and my client was able to pick the one best suited to her. Thankfully she was represented by a good agent or she may have lost out on all three homes.

Rockford homes are hot now. Particularly those priced for first time home buyers. Inventory is low and if a home is priced correctly, it won't last long in Rockford or the surrounding area.

If you are looking to buy or sell in Rockford or the metro Grand Rapids area, please contact an agent that Knows Real Estate.


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