Buyer Agents and why you need one.

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You have probably wondered what advantages there are to hiring your own buyer agent when looking for a home. It may be tempting to try to find that home on your own. You might even feel the desire to avoid Realtors, thinking they may be pushy or hard to work with. But, think of it this way, if you had a home to sell what would you do? You would contact 1-3 Realtors, interview each and then hire one. It should work the same way when you plan to buy a home. You should meet 1-3 Realtors, interview each and then hire one. You hire a Buyer's Agent the same way in which you hire a Listing Agent: by signing an agreement. Once signed, your Buyer Agent can go to work for you and get you in to see those good listings before they are gone. And, once you hire your agent, you can tell any other pushy agents that you are represented - they will have to leave you alone.

Of course there are bigger benefits to hiring a Buyer Agent. As your Buyer's Agent, a Realtor is obligated to PROMOTE your best interests, fully DISCLOSE any information that may influence your decision to make an offer, keep your information CONFIDENTIAL (so important!), present OFFERS on your behalf, and fully DISCLOSE all information known about a seller's willingness to negotiate a sale. 

Because you are guaranteed to spend more time with your Buyers Agent than you ever will with a Listing Agent, make sure you are comfortable with that individual. That is why interviewing before hiring is so important. And keep in mind, your agent is the only individual connected to your purchase who is looking out for your best interest. Contact me to discuss how I can help you find your next home.

Amy Noyes has been selling Rockford real estate for over 11 years.

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