The market has changed ...

Buyers beware, the market has changed dramatically this year. In the past, homes waited for months for a buyer,  and buyer's took their time considering whether to purchase. Today a good home, when priced right, is selling quickly and often generates multiple competing offers.

A year ago, buyers also had a lot more homes to look at than they do today. At that time, a buyer would make a list of 25+ homes to view. At this time, however, buyer's home criteria may generate a list of only 3-8 homes. If buyers are unable to find a home in that short list that fits them, they lie in wait for a new listing. Hence the multiple offers arising when a good listing comes on the market.

It's more important than ever that a buyer has agency with a realtor to help them in what is becoming a sellers market. An agent will help insure that a buyer is ready to purchase quickly when the right home comes on the market.

Don't miss out, ask a qualified realtor to represent you in your purchase today.

Amy Noyes-Klein

Amy Noyes-Klein

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