Values are on the rise!

This is the first time in the past 11 years that I have witnessed a true seller's market. Inventory is at a record low, interest rates are also historically low and good homes are hard to find. What this means to real estate buyers and seller is this: When a move-in ready home comes on the market, priced right, buyers will scramble to put in the first offer. We see this regularly with Rockford real estate and surrounding school systems. As a seller, I would caution you to make sure your home has time on the market (at least 3-5 days) before accepting an offer. With this frenzy, many Realtor's are saving their own listings for a particular buyer (hence the "double dip" of the commission dollars). While the home sells fast, the seller probably won't receive as much money for their home as if they had put the home on the market for all buyer's to see. As a buyer, I would caution you to sign a buyer agency with a good Realtor. This agreement puts an agent to work proactively to find your new home by making sure you get to a good new listing in time to make an offer! Call me today to help sell or buy your next property.

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