Avoiding The Dangers of Selling!

100% of homeowners believe their home is worth more than the market dictates. This is possibly the biggest pitfall for sellers! When selling, they generally make two crucial mistakes:

1. Sellers typically hold the belief that you must cre...ate a buffer for negotiation – beware! The “buffer for negotiation” is the biggest myth in real estate! If a house is priced correctly it should sell upwards of 96% of list price.

2. Sellers compare their house with those advertised in the newspaper, on the internet and at open houses. Remember: In a normal market, more than 50% of houses are over-priced to begin with, in a buyer’s market that statistic is more like 80+%, so if you’re comparing your house with one that’s already way over-priced, chances are you should re-think your pricing strategy … or seek the help of a real estate professional.

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