Lack of Marketing Can Cost You Thousands!

­ There are only two things which get houses sold:

  1. ­ 1. Correctly pricing your home and
    ­2. Marketing

If either of those two components is either missing or diluted in some way, the process slows dramatically or can grind to a halt, thereby leaving your house on the market, or even worse … not selling at all!­ You may be surprised to know that the traditional forms of exposure home sellers use to market their homes are actually the least effective.

FACT #1:­­­­­­
Less that 1% of houses are sold as a result of an open house.

FACT #2:­­­­­­
Advertising studies show that less than 3% of home buyers purchased a home because they saw it in a newspaper advertisement.

FACT #3:­­­­­­
Did you know the majority of home inquiries come into a real estate office during normal business hours and showings are mainly during daylight hours when the majority of home sellers have business and work commitments.

We can show you how, with professional representation, the sale of your home will NEVER be put on hold.­ Timing is of the essence and remember two crucial things:

a).­ The longer your house is on the market, the less the market is willing to pay and …

b).­ Professional Agent representation is 24/7, we’re selling your home even when­you would least expect.

Contact me now to discuss effective pricing and the powerful marketing strategy I­am able to­implement in order to get your home sold for maximum dollar.

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