Realtor Safety

Realtor safety has become a hot topic.­ Because of violence towards Realtors many Realtors are opting to carry concealed weapons or pepper spray.­ They are also taking self-defense classes.­ Personally I feel it is sad that society has forced this issue upon us.­­ We should always consider safety first.­­ Many agencies are requiring that a customer/buyer come to their office first before going on tour.­ They may ask for a copy of­ a drivers license and get make and model of the car driven.­ Sometimes meeting the customer/buyer at the office is not always convenient due to the distance to the Realtor's office, so alternative methods need to be taken.­ Always meet in a public place first, make someone within the business aware that you are meeting a stranger.­ Let your office or family know where you are going,­ If possible take someone with you.­ Open Houses are another venue to consider safety.­­ Park your car so that it can not be blocked in.­ Call in to your office or to a family member when you arrive and when you leave.­ When entering the home, check for another exit.­ Work in pairs with another realtor or perhaps a mortgage lender.­ Check your surroundings when you arrive at a home.­ If the home is vacant enter it with expectations that someone may be there.­­ Always be alert and cautious.­ Be SAFE!

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