Getting the Most for Homes When We Sell


Getting the Most for Homes When We Sell

Ed. Note: Recently I had a conversation with one of our newer co-owners, Chris Fraser, who also is a realtor and sold a home in Knapp Valley area recently. Here, in question and answer format is some of that conversation about when and how to sell a home and how pricing of residences suggest our need to not be too anxious in today’s market to sell too low. – Neil
Q. What has been the recent history of market values in neighborhoods like ours?
A. Due to the history of the market values our neighborhood has taken a hit like most neighborhoods but that has been changing in the past year. I would like to encourage everyone that we need to re-establish the values in our great neighborhood. 
Q. But how do we do this?
A. A way of doing this is to stick together on the price when selling.  Some realtors want to sell your home without any regard for the neighborhood.  Because I also live here, like you, I care about our neighborhood and I want to help with bringing the values up. 
Q. What are the different options for selling a home?
A. There are three levels of the market.  By owner, realtor, and relocations.  If we sell low and the homes never hit the open market we are doing our neighbors and ourselves an injustice on values.  My experience is that bringing the homes to the open market will pay off for everyone and is a way of re-establishing values.  Right now we have more buyers then listings.  Even now there are several buyers that still are looking to get into this neighborhood.
If you have questions of Chris Fraser, contact her at 616.866.5247, mobile: 616.901.5801,


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