Real Estate Headlines with Cramped Places, Incredible ROI and Dream Apartment


Real Estate Headlines with Cramped Places, Incredible ROI and Dream Apartment

Other headlines include how oil is impacting Canadian home sales, whether 2015 will be the best real estate year ever and how snow is delaying spring.


Spring. March Madness. Easter is coming. I love this time of year. Hope springs eternal as the weather gets nicer and you’ve already forgotten about that hour you lost last weekend. So let’s kickoff this week in the best way possible with your weekly dose of real estate headlines.

Bigger Pockets shares 3 obstacles real estate investors face and how to fix them.

Where is the most cramped place to live in the United States? Hint: Carmageddon.

Men’s Health thinks it has the key to finding your dream home…and 6-pack abs.

Has the snow in Boston delayed the spring real estate market?

How in the world does declining oil prices impact home sales in Canada?

Talk about a return on investment. A property bought for $300k in 2004 just sold for nearly $30 million.

Lifehacker has some tips for landing your dream apartment in a competitive city.

The Wall Street Journal lays out a plan for you to get the right mortgage.

Freddic Mac thinks 2015 will be the best year for home sales.

And finally, here’s a painful question: Why can’t you afford to buy a home where you want to live?

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