Home is Where the Water Is

Growing up, my favorite time was when Dad and Mom packed up the car and our family headed to Grampa and Gramma's cottage on Maston Lake.  Pulling into the driveway under the canopy of white pine trees, there was a scent of water in the air.  Leaping from the car, I would run down through the sand and out onto the dock, where I would gaze at the lily pads and snake grass, looking for signs of bluegill and pike.  After grabbing life jackets, oars, and a net, my brother would row me over to the shallows to net frogs and fish - whatever we could find.  We would stay on the water until dark or when our when mother called us up to eat dinner.  Exhausted with fun, my sleep was deep, looking forward to another day of adventure and surprise.

Now, my residence is Elk Rapids, Michigan, and I reminesce of my childhood years.  Up here, the roads we drive are dependent upon bodies of water to determine their meanderings.  There is Torch Lake, Elk Lake, Lake Skegemog, Lake Charlevoix, and, of course, Lake Michigan.  The Jordan River and the Boardman River flow near our town, and fishing, swimming, boating and kayaking abounds.

Welcome to this beautiful area, whether you are new, here, or whether you have roots in this pristine landscape.  If you see me out and about, I'll surely talk with you about the serenity and solace of our surroundings.  It is with pride that I share my love of water, and I will be happy to help you with any of your real estate needs, on or off the water.

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