Northern Michigan - The BEST Place to Work & LIVE!

Northern Michigan is still the best place to work and, especially, live.  Michigan is the Great Lakes state, and northwest Michigan is the definition of great, but not just because of Lake Michigan.  Yes, Lake Michigan is lovely, and it is visible on any drive from Traverse City, north, through Elk Rapids and Charlevoix.  But, don't forget to consider our inland lakes, and northern Michigan has bragging rights when it comes to inland waterways! 

The Elk Rapids area is home of two large and extremely popular inland lakes - Torch Lake and Elk Lake.

Surrounding Torch Lake are the towns of Eastport, Alden, Clam River, Torch River, Torch Lake, and, not least, the village of Elk Rapids.  Whether living near one of these towns, or in the country close by, Torch Lake is popular because of its world-renowned beauty, lovely beaches, and world-record shattering fishing.

Elk Lake is just south of Torch Lake, and it is connected, at Elk Rapids, to Lake Michigan.  For this reason, many persons choose Elk Rapids as a destination or residence.  There are numerous boat slips available in Elk Rapids, and Elk Lake is home of Elk Rapids. 

Recreation and activities bound around these GREAT lakes, and outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers are sure to find fun up north.  But this area is also growing in employment, with many businesses thriving in both big and small northern Michigan towns. 

If northwest Michigan is calling you, Coldwell Banker Schmidt is here to serve you.  Please contact me with any of your real estate needs or desires.  I'll do whatever it takes to assist you in having a pleasurable and beneficial real estate experience.

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