10 Awesome Graduation Party Ideas!!

10 Awesome Graduation Party Ideas


Graduation is around the corner, if you’re planning a party at home it’s not too late to make it amazing.

Graduation season is upon us! This time is undoubtedly beyond exciting and daunting. Graduation is a time to reflect on how hard you worked and how much fun you had along the way. It is also the beginning of a brand new chapter in life. That being said, it’s only right to wrap up the whole experience with a party. Big blowouts are fun but there’s nothing like kicking back in backyard with all your friends in family where you’re most comfortable.

This time next year I’ll be using the same ideas, that can be found below, to plan my big college graduation party. Most of them are DIY,­so working on­the party will also be a great time to bond with my family before I leave the nest.­Happy crafting and congratulations graduate!


1.­Table Toppers­

Catch my Party

This book idea is super cute and on trend with the graduation theme. It also is super cost efficient. Who doesn’t have an­abundance­of old books laying around­ Visit your local grocery store for the paper bags.­

2. Cutlery­

B. Lovely Events­

A simple, adorable, and another budget friendly idea that will help transform ordinary cutlery and napkins into something that everyone will love.­

3. A Cute and Sentimental Welcome

­Beau Coup

I believe that first impressions are everything. This cute idea is sure to be a hit with all of your guests and may get them emotional before they even enter the party. Warning: it may embarrass your graduate!

4. Make Your Own Fun­

You + Me

Who­doesn’t­love Twister­ Make your own version in the backyard and bring back nostalgic memories.­

5. Show Your Colors­

­Beau Coup

Try making a few of these candy jars to have around the party. Fill them with your graduates school colors for an wow-factor.­

6. Make it Sweet

Danielle Renee

This play on words is adorable. Recreate the ring ceremony with these candy rings.­

7. Build Memories­

Shop Girl Daily

Ask your guests to leave a message for your graduate using ­these ‘building blocks.’ Something like this can be treasured forever.­

8. Customize Your Decor­

Pearl Salad

Another cute way to spotlight your graduate.­

9. Floating Pictures­


I’ve never seen such a cute and original idea as these ‘floating memories.’ Doing this at your party will definitely leave a great lasting impression.­

10. Create­Your Own ‘Photo Booth’

Boho Weddings­

We live in a digital age where taking pictures and uploading them to one’s various social media accounts is apart of the daily routine. So, creating some sort of photo backdrop for your party is just about one of the coolest things you can do. Also, if you plan on uploading your ‘selfies’ and group shots to social media, create a ‘hashtag’ and be sure that everyone uses it­so that all the photos taken at the party are housed in one place and easily­accessible­for sharing, liking, commenting etc.­

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