Home Staging 101- On the Cheap and Easy

Thoughts On Home Staging

In many regards, home staging seems like a no brainer. It's relatively easy and can work with any budget. Simple staging techniques can be the difference between a good showing, and a terrible showing. First impressions really do matter. If you don't want to do a major staging overhaul try these simple tips that many people overlook!

1. Tidy up the yard. Give the lawn a fresh cut, pick up the kids toys, close the shed door, pull the weeds out of the garden, rake the leaves, etc. Buyers will walk the property if interested. Don't let them step in Fido's doo-doo!

2. Clear the driveway and walks. Remove snow, blow the leaves, and otherwise make a nice entryway to the home. This also helps keep people from tracking dirt and snow through your house!

3. Make it easy for buyers to visualize themselves living there. De-clutter shelves and organize closets and cupboards. Buyers will look in just about every nook or cranny. Too many personal items, decorations, or photos will distract the buyer's attention from the actual house. Do yourself a favor, and get a head start packing it away!

4. Clean your house! Dust and vacuum. Wash the dishes. Scrub the toilet. Have a pet? Don't let the buyers know by leaving stinky cat litter behind for them to find. Clean it up.

5. If it smells good we are attracted to it. Use air fresheners in the home. Even the basement.

6. Let as much natural light into the rooms as possible. It makes small spaces feel bigger.

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