How to Buy a Home


How to Buy a Home


1.     Meet With Your REALTOR®

-sign buyer’s agency, (REALTOR® represents you and negotiates for you, and not the seller, and will keep all of your information confidential)

-discuss what your needs and wants are

-set up e-mail alerts through the MLS (multiple listing service), which will automatically notify you when a home is for sale that suits your needs


2.     Get Pre-approval From Your Lender


3.     Look At Potential Homes

-Your REALTOR® is able to show you any home listed through the MLS, and even FSBO (for sale by owner) homes, if the owner permits


4.     Choose Your New Home

-schedule a second showing with your REALTOR®

-ask your REALTOR® for any specific information on the home, and review the seller’s disclosures, (documents that show the known condition of the home, to the best of the seller’s knowledge)


5.     Make An Offer

-your REALTOR® will write a purchase agreement, and help you decide what the terms of the purchase will be, with your best interests in mind

-your REALTOR® will then submit the offer, if the seller accepts, you move forward from here

-sometimes the seller may counter your offer, which means they want to make a change to your offer

-if the seller rejects your offer, you may submit another offer

-should the seller reject multiple offers that are reasonable, don’t take it personally, simply move on to another home.  Sometimes things just aren’t meant to be.  You will find something that suits you better!


6.     Once The Offer Is Accepted

-you will need to put a deposit down on the house which is called an earnest money deposit (EMD), typically $500.00 or more

-your REALTOR® will send the accepted purchase agreement to your lender, who will then start the mortgage paperwork for you


7.     Home Inspection Is Ordered

-any defects found can be negotiated


8.     Home Appraisal Is Ordered

-title work will also be ordered at this time

-you will also need to obtain a homeowner’s insurance policy


9.     Closing Date Is Scheduled

-don’t forget to change your address and transfer utilities over for this date


 10.  Closing!

            -you will have to sign several documents to transfer ownership of

            the home, and for your new mortgage

-seller will bring any keys or garage door openers

-once all essential documents are signed, CONGRATULATIONS!  You are the proud owner of your new home!  Enjoy!


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