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If you know me, you know that I adore Disney. It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that I have Disney touches in all parts of my home. I thought I would share a few ideas to help you add a dash of Disney to your house! There are plenty of ways to incorporate Disney things into your home that are both subtle and sophisticated. I’ve handpicked some of my favorite ideas that you may want to incorporate into your home (I know I want to do some of them in mine!)

The Outdoor Areas

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There are many choices when Disney-ifiying your outdoor spaces. Disney stepping stones are a fun way to add Mickey into your yard. They can lead you through your garden or be used instead of a sidewalk leading up to the house or back to a patio. Another fun option is adding Mickey to your white picket fence! You can easily cut out the shape of Mickey’s head in two pieces of wood and line them up. The Mickey mailbox is a great way to show your neighbors that you’re a Disney fan! Lastly, adding a doorbell cover will help personalize your front porch and show off your Disney style.


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The Disney kitchen has so many options. There are millions of different Disney kitchen products to chose from. I, personally, love the orange and teal Mickey bowls! I need to buy the entire set for myself. The drawer pulls are another great idea. Not every drawer of cabinet needs a Mickey, but adding a few is a sleek way to fit Mickey into your kitchen. Doing a kitchen renovation? That’s a great time Mickey and Minnie silhouettes to your backsplash! And for the family who likes to entertain, the ‘Be Our Guest’ cutting board is perfect to present cheeses and crackers!

Living Room

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Living rooms are a place for the whole family to gather and have a good time, which makes it the perfect place to add a few Disney touches. If you have a fireplace, consider the Mickey fireplace cover. It will keep your kids and pets safe from accidental burns and also show off your savvy Disney style! I am a huge fan of Peter Pan, so the clock is on my wishlist! Adding mirrors to room helps make them seem larger and lighter, and the Mickey frame is just a bonus! Game night will be so much fun with the family all laid out a on a Mickey rug. The best thing about these 4 décor pieces is that they all work together to make a comfortable Disney living room!


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These Disney bathroom ideas work for either a guest, master, or kids bathroom! By using circular mirrors, you can easily re-create the classic Mickey shape. If you wanted to add a little more labor, exchange your faucets for this sleek silver Mickey set! The Mickey toilet brush holder is one I could actually see wanting to have in my bathroom! Who knew a toilet brush holder could be so cute? Finally, the glass etched Minnie and Mickey are cute additions to any bathroom.

Kids Rooms

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While kids rooms are generally the ones imagined to be decked out with Disney, they can generally be a little overdone. Before you spend too much money buying every Elsa and Anna decorative piece you can find, consider these options. For a gender neutral nursery, the Mickey outline is a perfect idea! Chose any wall color and place the white decals in the right shape. Since I love Peter Pan, his and Tinkerbell’s shadows have returned! This is a perfect touch to a kids room from age 1 to 10!  If your child is more into Toy Story, or you aren’t committed to painting the walls bright pink, the classic blue walls with White Clouds from Andy’s room are a perfect option!


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Lastly, there are a few items that I love that don’t fit into any of the categories above. We will consider these items mousellaneous. Get it? Like Mickey Mouse? Anywho! I have found that in my last few trips to Disney I purchsed Minnie and Mickey ears and have no idea what to do with them after. Framing them is a perfectly fun way to keep them from getting stuffed into the back of a closet. You can put them on the stairs, in a room, or lining a hallway! If I had a house with tall enough ceilings, I wouldn’t hesitate before putting in this awesome Mickey chandelier. The laundry sorter is both convenient and cute! Lastly, if you have a blank wall in an office or play room, the Mickey concept art is a great addition to personalize the room (and easy to paint over when you move!)

“Adults are only grown up kids, anyway.” – Walt Disney

Listen to Walt and embrace your inner child! Find ways to decorate your house with Mickey and his pals. There’s plenty of options out there. I hope you found this article fun to read! Please comment and share with friends! I’d love to see any pictures you have of Mickey décor in your home! Thanks so much! And remember – Be distinct! 

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