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One of the best ways to spend a night with your family or friends is with an outdoor movie night. Creating the perfect atmosphere is not nearly as difficult as you might think! You just need a few simple items to ensure that the show will go on!

The Screen

What is a movie night without a screen? Instead of investing a bunch of money in a professional screen, you can easily make your own!


The other most important part is the projector. There are a few different options for this. Many companies make projectors that can connect to your DVD players or other devices. There are even portable projectors that can be purchased for this idea!


If you are a DIY person, then making your own projector might seem like a less daunting task. There are a few different types of DIY projectors that can be made with only a few items, most of which you already have laying around your house! Here is one example of a DIY projector:

The Seating

Once you’ve got all the technical pieces of your puzzle out of the way, it’s time to figure out your seating! There are many different choices for this. You can go the simple route and set out lawn chairs for your guests, or you can create your own special seats.


For a large gathering, you might find that laying out all your extra blankets and pillows will ensure all your guests have a place to stay. Blankets will also help keep the nighttime chills away!


Setting up air mattresses is another great option for a family night. Everyone can curl into bed and enjoy the movie. And if your kids fall asleep while watching the movie? No problem! You can turn the outdoor movie night into an outdoor sleepover for the whole family!


For people who plan on having outdoor movies every weekend, these awesome inflatable outdoor sofas may be your answer! They are comfy and easy to set up and take down. They even come with a great drink holder!

The Snacks

The last key ingredient to a perfect outdoor movie nights is, well, the ingredients! Snacks can make or break a movie, so make sure to chose some fun things that family and friends can munch on! Aside from the traditional popcorn, here’s a few other yummy ideas.

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Candy is a movie theatre favorite, so make sure you include some. You can either stop by  your local Costco and get huge boxes of candy bars, or stick to bagged candy. Make the candy easily accessible by putting them in small cups. If you have younger kids, this might be a great idea to make sure that they don’t have too many sweet treats!


While nachos in movie theatres are very popular, they can also be very messy! The walking taco is a fun and easy alternative. Simply take a bags of Fritos or Doritos and let your guests fill them with cheese, lettuce, taco meat, and other taco goodies! Add a plastic fork and you’ve got a delicious meal with no clean up!


That’s a wrap!

I hope you found this article to be fun and informative! Make sure to invite me to your next outdoor movie night!

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