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             Vicki O'Grady- Has been well vested in the real estate industry her whole life. Both of her parents were involved in real estate; Her father was a home builder and landlord, while her mother was a real estate agent for the metrodetroit area. She has been happily married to home builder and land developer, Kevin O'Grady SR., for twenty two years. She became interested in real estate after her children went off to College. Now she will be working with her oldest son, Kevin O'Grady, and her youngest son Kyle is currently a  senior studying at Albion College.

             Kevin O'Grady- Graduated with a bachelor's degree in 2016 from Albion College and currently works for his father in the land development industry. He has been interested in real estate since he started working with his father at fourteen years of age and seeks to do more as a real estate salesperson. He enjoys being in the outdoors, whether that's hunting and fishing, or playing recreational sports with friends. 


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