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Time to re-evaluate your selling price

Comparative selling prices on sales 6+ months ago need to adjust to local market changes over the past three months.  In a 20 city survey, the WSJ reports that housing prices have declined at a annualized basis of 25%.  That doesn't mean the Otsego/Gaylord market has declined that much for our listings, but it should motivate us to use more recent sales data or adjust older comps used to ...

Big interest savings on jumbo loans

Fortune/CNN's Allan Sloan reports great news on a real GDP stimulus policy enactment.  The federal government has raised the ceiling on loan amounts that "conform", i.e., loans that lenders can sell to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  This allows buyers purchasing homes with loan balances greater than $500,000 to save thousands of dollars annually on interest expense.  This effect should ...

Need to know when purchasing a vacation condo @ a resort and/or hotel.

The WSJ published a report on the soft market for "condo hotels", vacation homes located within a hotel-like setting where property owners either use or rent-out their condo. This is having a big impact on buyers who are purchasing vacation property at resorts when it comes to lining-up their financing.  What's important to understand is that "Condtels" or "condo hotels" do not conform to Fannie ...

Sci & Tech weekly - Smartphones & Real Estate, MI Tech discovery annc'd

 Smartphone OS wars to heat up - winners will be real estate buyers and sellers Apple's iPhone is expected to revolutionize how real estate inquires are instigated and reviewed. Here is an iPhone optimized site: NCMountainLife.com . While this site is optimized in terms of its pages fitting on an iPhone, it lacks adquate mapping info for individual listings and user-grouped listings that leverages ...

Toyota - big R&D investments in Michigan

Toyota announced it will be spend $100 million in advance research with the University of Michigan. This comes on top of an additional $187 million investment Toyota announced last year to create an advanced research institute near Ann Arbor due to open this year. Money quotes:"I think Michigan will continue to be a hub for advanced technology research," and (paraphrased) - "Toyota is smart ...
Viewing Posts for April 2008. 5 Posts Found.
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