Five Tips for Making Your Home Energy Efficient

Five Tips for Making Your Home Energy Efficient


As temperatures increase, learn how to decrease your electric bill

With most of the country now officially experiencing summertime temperatures, we are now starting to see our monthly utility bill spiking upwards.­ Here are five areas of the home that with a small to moderate upgrade could help to reduce your home’s energy consumption.

Programmable Thermostats.­According to­,­turning your thermostat down/up 7-10 degrees for 8 hours a day could save you “as much as 10 percent a year on your heating/cooling.” So why aren’t people like me taking the time to program my thermostat to the recommended daytime temperature (78 degrees) and evening temperature (70 degrees) to reap these cost benefits­ I’m not putting this task off any longer and neither should you.


Ceiling Fans.­Now that you’ve programed your thermostat to save some money, you might find that maybe it’s a little too warm in a particular room. An Energy Star ceiling fan could be your temperature solution. Be sure to check out the blade angle, according to­,­otherwise you’re just cutting through the air. For a relatively low investment (Energy Star fan prices start as low as $XX), you can stay cool all summer long.


Window Treatments.­Adding shades, blinds or drapes to your home windows will help reduce the amount of sun and heat throughout the home.


Open Doors.­Closing doors throughout the home are blocking your system from cooling the whole house.­ So why not keep all the doors open to keep cool air flowing freely throughout your home.


Vents.­Most older homes, like mine, have vents located in strange places like closets or hallways. Even places like a spare bedroom that go unused can be a wasted vent. Make sure to close off vents in locations throughout the home so you are not paying to cool areas that are not being used.


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