Waterfront Homes for Sale on Award-Winning Lake Charlevoix!!

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Waterfront Homes for Sale on Award-Winning Lake Charlevoix

Lake Charlevoix is one of the cleanest, clearest and most maintained lakes in the United States. It was voted number 2/10 of the best lakes in America by USA Today in 2012. Some of the locals voices even making it into the article! One of the bluntest remarks about the beauty of Lake Charlevoix was a statement from a young child.They were from the area went on vacation to the Caribbean and while flying over the water he exclaimed, "Look! Lake Charlevoix!" Another remarked on the safety and access this particular lake has. You can sail to any ocean or great lake from any point in Lake Charlevoix. Lake Charlevoix, near the mouth, has also been a natural safe harbor for many ships taking refuge from storms. Any person would be lucky to have a waterfront home located on awards-winning Lake Charlevoix.

If the awards-winning beauty is not enough of a reason for you that Lake Charlevoix is the prime location for waterfront property, then maybe function will suit your fancy! Lake Charlevoix was also ranked number 37/100 of the best bass lakes in the United States by Bassmaster Magazine in 2012. Even those hundred were weeded out from the thousands of bass lakes in the United States! If these nation wide statistics have not convinced you that waterfront homes on Lake Charlevoix are the best there is, make sure to read other articles in my blog to see what else Lake Charlevoix has to offer!

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