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Rich Herweyer

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I graduated from McBain High School in 2005. After high school I attended Ferris State University in Big Rapids until graduation in 2011 during which I switched majors from food safety to civil engineering. I graduated with an associate’s degree in civil engineering and a bachelor’s degree in construction management. Throughout my college career I worked locally at Ebels Meats in Falmouth. During that time I also earned a certificate for emergency medical technician.


  • Equal Housing Opportunity
  • Realtor

Professional Interests

I want to actively pursue helping veterans and active duty service men and women. I feel all citizens owe a debt to vets and active members of our military for the service and sacrifice these men and women courageously provide in the past and present . 

Community Involvement

My wife and I recently began attending Temple Hill Baptist church in Cadillac. Before there we attended Resurrection Life in Cadillac where we served as child care for toddlers up to 3 years of age. We both know the importance of local youth programs and enjoy building into the community.

As a result of loving to fish and hunt in Michigan I have personally cleaned up the banks of the Manistee river from Tippy Dam down a mile or more each year. I Hike with an empty pack and cram it full with whatever unnatural debris I can find on my hike down and back up. This is a personal choice of mine I chose to do because of the obligation I feel I owe to be a good steward of the land.

Personal Interests

I live for the outdoors. Michigan is an amazing land and I have spent many weekends exploring all the hidden gems the state has to offer. My wife and I have spent many hours driving all over northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula discovering new places often overlooked or just passed by. I have many stories of such places. We also enjoy camping and hiking through the woods of Northern Michigan.

Hunting and fishing are huge hobbies of mine. Aside from whitetail and small game hunting and the typical sense of fishing I have a very strong passion for spear fishing and free diving. Most people don’t know about underwater spear fishing opportunities in Michigan’s waters. Free diving goes hand in hand with spear fishing and is a very challenging sport mentally and physically.


Whether it's buying or selling I will work for you in your best interest. I am highly motivated and energetic. I will aggressively negotiate on your behalf.

Welcome to my Website

Welcome!  My name is Rich Herweyer and I would like to help you with all of your Real Estate Needs. 

Personal Background

I live in the McBain area and love the community and country. Main Street is so picturesque and timeless. The small town values appeal to me and are exactly what I want for my family and me. The family farms and endless fields are so beautiful and seem to be lost back in simpler times.

My family has the oldest centennial farm in Missaukee County. Our family farm was settled in 1873 and will be in the family for as long as I live, that’s for sure. Our family farm is where my hunting and fishing interests began when I was very young.

I grew up in Grand Rapids, MI and attended Grandville Public School through the 9th grade until we moved to the McBain area. Nearly every weekend and the vast majority of the summers were spent up north on with my extended family on our family farm.

Professional Background

Throughout college I worked at Ebels Meats in Falmouth, MI. While there, I worked a butcher for many years and saw the rewards of a strong work ethic. Over the years I grew quite close to the owners and managers and was privy to lots of information that eventually led me away from civil engineering towards independent, small business management. I cherish the time I spent there and highly respect those that helped me in many ways while I worked for that great local business.

Upon graduation from Ferris State University I decided to pursue a career more associated to the degrees I earned from college. I found a management position for a commercial roofing company in the Traverse City area. There I learned a great deal about the industry but more about myself. I decided after nearly 4 months that I wanted something different. I found Coldwell Banker and immediately jumped on board.


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