Are You and Your Home Ready for Our Michigan Winter?

Winter day Grand Rapids MI

Here is a list of things every homeowner should consider before winter arrives. If you haven’t completed any or all of these, there is still time!

    One of the things I often notice as I am showing homes is that many folks don’t understand the importance of getting their homes ready for winter….both inside and out.  Not only does some preparation save money, it also saves on future repairs.

    • Clean the coils on your air conditioner and cover it with a cover or secure a tarp tightly around it with tape. This prevents damage from falling debris, leaves, etc.
    • Check your windows and doors for drafts and fix them with rope caulk or weather strips.
    • Clean your gutters. Leaves get wet and create extra weight on your gutters which may lead to damage.  I see soooo many gutters packed with leaves and debris.  They can’t drain properly if full!
    • Check your fireplace for damage and for birds’ nests.  Pay attention to the chimney cap and brick mortar…repair and seal any cracks so water doesn’t penetrate and then freeze.
    • Shut off the water to your outside spigots and drain hoses of all water before storing them.  DO NOT leave your hoses attached to the faucets all winter!
    • Winterize your sprinkler system. This is done by blowing compressed air through the system to purge the pipes of any water to prevent them from freezing and bursting.  This step can be skipped if you have a “self draining” system.
    • Test your furnace to ensure it is functioning properly.  It is a good idea to have your furnace professionally checked annually and make sure you change your filters often.
    • Seal your deck to keep it waterproof through lots of snowfall.  One of the most commonly ignored parts of homes that I show are the decks which look so much more inviting if they are kept sealed and in good repair.
    • Cover or put away all patio furniture.
    • Drain the gas from your lawn mower, edgers, hedge trimmer, etc.
    • Make sure any trees or shrubbery near your home is trimmed back so that it does not scrape on your 

    • roof or home during those cold winter wind storms.
    • If you have a whole house fan your should have it insulated from above during the cold months since heat will escape through the fan into the attic if it isn’t insulated

    It all seems like a lot of work but a little at a time accomplishes a lot and it will save you lots of time later on when you are working on repairs that could have been avoided.

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