Autumn in West Michigan Is The Best!

It's a gorgeous day here in West Michigan and we are in the midst of the fall season.

 I think it's my favorite season of the year.  The colors of fall are the color palette of my home and I find them warm and restful....greens, browns, purples, oranges, reds, yellows.  The mixture is breathtaking on a bright sunny day against the blue sky.

There's something about autumn that make people stop and take in the wonder of the world around them.  The air is different...crisp and fresh and frosty mornings sometimes take your breath away.  The sky is bluer, the air clearer and the grass greener. 

Last week I drove to Traverse City, Michigan and enjoyed the views on my way. Black cows juxtaposed against a golden field surrounded by flaming trees casting long fingered shadows as the sun dropped in the west.  Deer grazing for corn left behind by farmers weeks ago.  The evergreens creating a backdrop for the bright sentries lined against them in the form of maples, oaks, sumac, etc. 

A walk along the shores of Lake Michigan finds quiet solitude during these days when the summer visitors have returned to normal schedules of jobs and school.  The water is green gray against the intense blue of sky and the sand is crunchy and firm beneath my feet.  Water and sand smoothed chunks of wood are plentiful and here and there a stone smoothed to a perfect oval awaits discovery.

Night comes earlier in these weeks but my drive home reveals a perfect maple tree reflecting the dropping sun and casting long shadows down the street.  In a day or two its leaves will drop and only a skeleton will remain to wait for spring's new leaves.  In the meantime I need to take time to enjoy the Creator's brushstrokes while they last.

I am reminded that all of life is like that.  I get so busy with the rushing and the routines that I often forget the journey is not the's the experiences all along the way!  Some of those are breathtaking and very short and I need to make sure to enjoy those moments as they come along. 


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