Early Warm Weather Means Early Lawncare in West Michigan!

Flowering pear tree Hudsonville MI

Nothing sells a home better than curb appeal!  I believe that 50% of a sale takes place at the curb.  If buyers hate what they see when they drive up it will be very hard to overcome that impression once inside.  Sometimes they can't even identify the issue, it's just a less than positive feeling they have about the house.

Due to our unseasonably warm weather of late in West Michigan, experts are saying that you need to have your pre-emergent weed and crabgrass killer on by March 31st this year.

Here is an expert explanation of the how's and why's of lawn weed control.

These products are available everywhere right now.  One of my favorite places to purchase  lawn care items is Gemmen's in Hudsonville, MI or Bergman Power Equipment in NW Grand Rapids, MI.  Both businesses are locally owned and operated and you will find knowledgeable staff to answer your questions.  I personally know the owners of each of these businesses and hope you will take time to visit them this spring!

I love spring!  Flowering trees, early flowers, spring rains, and green grass!

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