Florida to Michigan...Some Things Never Change!

I sometimes feel like I do everything out of sync with the rest of the world but it keeps life interesting!  I haven't been posting of late because I took a bit of a rest from real estate and moved to Florida for 18 months while my husband worked there. 

We moved there in late July of '09 when the weather was really hot and sticky and things were lush and beautiful in Michigan.  Now  the reverse...we moved back to Michigan when the winter wind and snow is blowing and Florida is the perfect get-away from the cold.

I am excited to be back in Grand Rapids and to be working full time again in real estate.  It's been great to hear from and connect with clients again.  The market and economy seems poised on the brink of positive turnaround, the phones are ringing and interest in real estate is high.  Folks seem to sense that we have reached the bottom of the market and now is the time to jump back in before the upswing becomes too pronounced.

The market in Lee County, FL continues to struggle with foreclosure and short sale properties and large amounts of vacant new inventory which means that turn around there is yet to occur.

Some things remain the same no matter the market or the economy.  As I reflect on that fact I realize that:

bell curveSellers still want the best representation of their property as it is marketed.  They want to receive accurate, timely advice on pricing and the market conditions.  Every seller wants to know that they are represented by a real estate professional who has their best interest in mind and has the skill set to bring the transaction to a successful and timely close.

Buyers want to find a real estate professional they can trust to guide them through what has become a complicated, often confusing process.  They too need accurate pricing information, education about the process, someone who can help them process their "dreams" into reality and who has their best interest at the core.

Sellers want the highest price, buyers want the lowest price.  Everyone wants to feel like they understood the process and had the right information to make informed decisions along the way.  Each one wants to understand the market conditions as they impact them personally and they want someone who is on their side to interpret the endless information that is available.

At the core we are all very much the same.  We want someone to take the time to understand us, to treat us with dignity and respect, and to help us reach our goals.  Sometimes it takes interviewing a few real estate professionals to find that person. 

Given what's at stake, isn't it worth some extra time to make sure you have the right person working for you?


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