Hudsonville MI First Quarter 2009 Real Estate Activity

West of Grand Rapids MI and in Ottawa County lies Hudsonville, MI.  Known as the "Salad Bowl" city because of the large amount of surrounding loamy soil which supports growth of celery, onions, and various truck farming products. Hudsonville is largely a bedroom community with many residents commuting into Grand Rapids or west to the Zeeland and Holland communities.

The Hudsonville Public School District serves approximately 5306 students in 7 elementary buildings, two 6-8 grade middle schools, a freshman campus and the high school with grades 10-12.

A review of the real estate activity in the school district from January 1, 2009-March 31, 2009 reveals the following:


The most striking area of competition for sellers remains the $151-250,000 price range with 95 current listings  and 26 pending and closed sales during this quarter of activity.  With almost a year's worth of inventory in this price range it appears that sellers will continue to face stiff competition for the buyers in this price range.

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