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Written by Sondra TenClay Coldwell Banker AJS Schmidt Feb. 7, 2013. Assisting Buyers and Sellers with home transactions in Grand Rapids, MI and throughout West Michigan.

Calder Sculpture Grand Rapids MI

Grand Rapids MI is getting lots of attention lately because of the wide variety of activities and places to experience in our area. For some, the area is a destination, for others it is the site of a convention, and for many it is the place we call home. Our Beer City title, Art Prize competition, Arts Festival, world class museum venues and the Lake Michigan lakeshore communities and beaches are only a few of the unique and popular things to experience here.

In my experiences of moving with our family around the country, I often found that people who lived in an area often missed the treasures they could be experiencing right around them. As a family we never knew how long we would stay in an area so we tried hard to seek out the unique experiences and places that area provided.

If you are looking for things to do in 2013 ExperienceGR has just published their 2013 Visitors Guide to the Best of Grand Rapids This is a great resource for anyone, not just those who are visiting for a few days.

Take a few minutes to view this video.

How to 'Experience GR' in 2013

I challenge you to make it a goal to experience as many of the activities and venues as possible this year! Things are on the move in Grand Rapids and you will want to join in the "Experience"! And do others a favor...pass this information along to those who might benefit from this information!

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