Top 10 Reasons To Buy A Home in West Michigan in 2012!

Everywhere the great debate seems to be about housing and one of theBuyer checklist biggest dilemmas facing potential buyers these days is whether to buy to to rent. Obviously there are reasons that can be clearly stated to defend both positions and each person needs to make their decision based on their own circumstances.

Recently one of the lenders to whom I often refer clients, Carolyn Kruithoff of Treadstone Mortgage sent me a great list of reasons for buyers to consider buying a home in 2012:

1.No more paying someone else's mortgage. Apartment living is like throwing money away. Even with home values down over the last few years, the long term picture for housing is better than simply giving your money away.

2.Tax breaks on interest paid. You get to claim expenses and interest on your taxes when you own a home. This can save you some money and even result in a possible tax refund.

3.Move out of mom's basement. Seriously, do we have to explain this one? At 30 years old it's time to get your own place. Please.

4.Neighbors are separated by a yard, not a thin wall. Let's not go into what you can hear through thin walls. Having your own house gives you privacy and lets you have your peace and quiet.

5.How many apartments have a garage? Find a house with a garage instead.

6.Paying for storage at a place across town is getting old and expensive. The more house you get the more storage you get. It's better than a storage garage across town you pay for every month.

7.First time home buyers get to decorate and make their home their own (more than a few posters on the walls). You get to actually make improvements to your surroundings.

8.No more neighbors stealing your wifi. If you don't mind sharing your bandwidth, more power to you.

9.You don’t have to smell what everyone else is cooking. . . .

10.Mortgage payments do not increase each year like rent can. A fixed rate mortgage payment will only change if your insurance or property taxes change.

If you are thinking about making 2012 the year in which you buy a home, call me to discuss how I can help! 

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