We Believe!

One of the things I am often asked is if I enjoy what I am doing. The best part is that I get to answer "Yes!" because I do enjoy so many aspects of what I do everyday.

The last few years have been very difficult ones for those of us in this industry...and for that matter, for a lot of homeowners. The conditions in the market didn't make it fun to have to bring news of values that were below what folks had paid for their homes and, in many cases, below what was owed on the remaining mortgage. It was stressful for everyone and painful when I was dealing with a short sale situation or someone facing a foreclosure. Nothing is as sad as showing a foreclosed property. It's often cold, no lights, appliances gone and has a general feeling of being abandoned. But it's easy to see in overgrown gardens and on door frames with measurements of the children who once lived there that families once made this place home and hoped to remain there but for a loss of job, a medical emergency or some other unfortunate situation.

Through all of that time I found my fellow REALTORS to be determined to find a way through and cautiously optimistic about a return to a time when folks could more confidently purchase a home to house their families and dreams. We continued to believe in what we do and in the communities in which we work and live and play. We continued to believe in the benefits of owning a home. We know how much homeownership stabilizes families and communities.

I get to see everyday the excitement of buyers who finally find the house that feels "like home" and to share in the fun of children running to pick out "their room". I am also privileged to be called when it's time to sell and move up to something larger. Friendships develop and relationships are long-lasting and families keep me posted on the life events as they occur...births, jobs, accomplishments, sometimes sad things.

Do I believe? Yes! I believe in homeownership and its stabilizing influence on people and in the dreams and lives that are lived out in those homes everyday!

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