What Is My Value As A REALTOR To You?

Consumers today are all looking for the highest value for their dollars. In a time when real estate values are declining, they are looking even more closely at the value of being represented by a real estate professional.  The question then becomes "What is my value?" and what am I really providing in exchange for the revenue received.

For too long consumers and clients have seen us as sales people who try very hard to get a transaction to closing so that we are paid and on our way.  We really can't fault the public since many in our industry have believed that ourselves. I always cringe when I hear someone say that they "sell real estate".  In reality we are not selling real estate...we are being paid for our time, our knowledge, and our expertise. 

My role as a real estate consultant is that of learning the needs, goals and desires of my clients then partnering with them so that they are educated about the process and the market and can make good decisions.  We're very quick to give our opinions and input but often we don't spend enough time listening and educating to the knowledge gaps that exist.  Often we assume too much, thinking that our cients already know and understand what is very basic to us. 

Key words for me to remember as I help folks navigate the sale of a home or the purchase of property are to understand, guide, educate, and invite

If I am to be providing value then my clients need to believe that I am a partner, a trusted advisor, a skilled negotiator and facilitator as we navigate together through their situation. If I convey those things then my value is clear and my client has been well served. 

Copyright 2009 Sondra TenClay  

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