Winter Weather Slows Life Down in West Michigan!

A fierce winter storm blew into West Michigan early on Friday dumping over 12" of heavy wet snow.  Schools and businesses closed and life slowed to a crawl for a few hours!

I was out earlier today and found many neighborhoods still a maze of ruts and one lane roadways full of heavy snow waiting for plows to finish main thoroughfares before opening neighborhood lanes.

While the storm disrupted life for awhile it left red-cheeked children screaming in delight as they slide down huge snowpiles and I saw lots of cross country skiers in my travels today.  As the sun made its appearance it reflected a landscape of trees still heavy with snow, creeks still running through  snowy banks overhanging waters edge and acres of pristine, untouched snow.

Tonight it is snowing again and we brace for yet another storm.  Or is it really a gift wrapped in white that causes us to slow down, nestle in and enjoy this season of the year away from the frantic shoppers and crowded streets and hurried schedules?

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