Training and Education

Our commitment to training and agent development starts from day one.  That’s why we’ve partnered with USBrokers Institute to provide both live, in class and online licensing courses to make sure new agents get off to the right start.

Because of the demand we are experiencing for high quality sales associates in our company we are currently offering to reimburse the full cost of the licensing course to anyone who takes the USBrokers license course and is accepted as a licensed agent in one of our offices.

Click here for a list of upcoming licensing courses.

But unlike many real estate companies whose training stops at the license course, we have a team of dedicated individuals working to develop agent skills and ensure their success. Each of our new agents goes through both our Springboard sales training and the Coldwell Banker E-Fast Start training series in the first weeks of their new career.  These two courses are designed to provide training on skills, techniquest and resources that breed success.  This is supported by individual and group mentoring with their manager and office training events.

Perhaps one of the greatest values brought to agents who wish to grow their business is Coldwell Banker’s award winning training system.  This incredible resource provides dynamic learning opportunities at all phases of an agent’s career development.

Now is the time to join Coldwell Banker Schmidt Family of Companies and become part of a winning team. For a confidential interview, contact us today.