Andrea Crossman Group General Statistics From Website for May Statistics 
As you can see for the month of May we had nearly 200,000 hits on our website This means that there are over 6,000 hits per day. This month our page views were 20,000 and we had nearly 20,000 visitors.


Our real estate listings are known around the world, Even though most of our buyers are from the United States. As you can see form these graphs there are several other nations that are looking at our website. There are a thousand's hits from Russia, Canada, and Germany.

 As you can see from these graphs their has been nearly 2,000 searches for our website this month. The vast majority of these come from Google, nearly 89% of the searches. This is an amazing number of searches. Not only have they been searching for our website they are also looking at our website. As stated before and shown in graphs their have been nearly 200,000 hits to our website. With people searching from ever where in the world.
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Andrea Crossman

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