Pool And Beach Safety Tips For The Summer Season

As you prepare to let your kids explore the great outdoors this summer, you may have some worries. What chemicals and environmental toxins might lurk in the local pool, lake, or beach? How can you protect your family from them? The good news is that there are ways you can reduce their exposure to risky chemicals and environmental toxins. Here are outdoor safety tips on how to keep your kids healthy in the water.


  1. Apply sunscreen liberally and often to your children
  2. Have children wear sun glasses
  3. You Should Never Leave Your Child Unsupervised- Children can drown in a few inches of water in a few minutes. A quick tip is to teach children to stay out of the water until an adult is supervising them.
  4. Children should be taught how to swim - lessons should include safety instruction.
  5. Stay out of water that has been posted as unsafe for swimming-Young children can swallow pollutants with water and illnesses such as diarrhea and respiratory, eye, nose and throat infections can result. If water is unclear, objects like broken glass and other hazards won't be visible.
  6. Teach children to never dive into the water. If children want to jump in, parents should check first to see if water is deep enough.
  7. Review with your children your family’s basic safety rules eg, no running, pushing, or hurting other children, respect for other children and people using the beach or pool and NEVER PUSH ANYONE UNDER THE WATER.
  8. Teach children and keep them away from all water sources, especially rivers.
  9. Always get out of a pool or lake if a storm is approaching.
  10. Teach children to obey pool safety rules.

The pool and the beach are some of our summer favorites, but we have to remember how to keep ourselves and our children safe. The number one rule to keep safe is use common sense, if something doesn’t feel safe, then it probably is not safe. So go out there and have a wonderful time in water.


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