Tips for Vacant Home Maintenance

It is not uncommon for homes to be left vacant. Whether you are you attempting to sell your vacant house while it sits unoccupied or are simply trying to keep it maintained until your return, keep these tips in mind.

Climate: Depending on the location or climate of the home you’re leaving unattended, you may have to think about winterizing your vacant home or preparing it for warmer weather. In warmer climates you must attend to the yard upkeep not only keeping the grass trimmed and flowers weeded but also checking your home after a storm has passed through. Make sure that the storm did not cause any exterior damage or leave limbs in the yard.

Interior: Remember to keep empty fridges and freezers propped open to minimize moisture and potential mold buildup. Keep the heat or air conditioning at a moderate temperature to keep the house from freezing or getting damp and moldy. Invest in motion detectors or timers for both your indoor and outdoor lights. Make sure all light bulbs, battery-operated smoke detectors and other devices around the house are in working order It is recommended that every few months, someone runs the water in all sinks, flush toilets, turn on showers, let tubs drain, and even run dishwashers and washing machines, etc., to keep pipes from getting dried out. Unplug any appliances if you will not be returning for a long period of time.

You should check your vacant home regularly, and if you are unavailable to do so you should hire someone to do regular checks for you. These checks will help avoid  potentially costly damages, pest invasions, flooding, moisture problems, plumbing failures, tripped breakers, and other potential problems.

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