February 1, 2011

As we all watch the television and hear the bad news about home prices and home ownership, it is important to realize that each market is different.  By each market, I mean each city and county and even neighborhood.  So before we get discouraged and start looking at other venues for our money, we must remember that homes are a great long term investment.  Besides investments, homes are wonderful places to raise families and gain a sense of community.  

With home prices down, it is a great time to purchase, as many homes can now be bought at reasonable prices and with good interest rates.  Many opportunities are available for couples and individuals who would like to own rather than rent.  While renting has a place, nothing is better than owning your residence.  

Pride in ownership and pride in community are just a couple of the benefits of owning your own home.  

I believe it is a great time to buy and more families should pursue this option.  Many rent payments are equal to or greater than most mortgage payments.  It is under the incorrect perception that people feel they could not afford a home.  However in today's market it is very easy to afford a home.  Seek out a local Realtor to inquire as to the possibilities and programs available. 

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Andy Everding

Andy Everding

Andy Everding
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