Puppy Love at the Humane Society

Growing up, my family and I lived on the same farm in Conway, MI for fifteen years.  For eleven of those years, our constant companion was Belle, a yellow Labrador Retriever. She tagged along on every adventure, from camping in the Upper Peninsula to hauling hay in a farmer's field in Petoskey.  She had a penchant for disappearing into the state land bordering our property for hours at a time, coming back covered in mud from a swamp over three miles away.  We kids (four of us under the age of twelve) would wash her down, vowing to keep a closer eye on her next time we let her out of the house.  By the time Belle was three, Mom had mastered the art of nodding and smiling at our many promises! Belle mellowed out as she got older and quit running away.

The friendship you have with your pet is a special one.  This year, Coldwell Banker offered to match any donation an agent made toward a dog's adoption. I sponsored Imogene, a chubby white puppy at the Little Traverse Bay Humane Society in Harbor Springs.  The lucky girl was just adopted this week, and I was so happy to play a part in her becoming a member of a forever family.

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