"That's So 2015" - Home Design Trends to Hit and Miss

How are you going to spend the remaining 361 days of 2016?  Do you have a room renovation in the works?  In reading the Wall Street Journal this last week, I found a list of home design trends to watch and those to skip for 2016.  Keep in mind, they're talking about trends here: when planning your remodel, I'd encourage you to buy furniture pieces in a classic style that won't be out of fashion in five months (looking at you, chevron).  Supplement with lower-cost, smaller decor items that follow trending styles to keep your home looking fresh.  And do it soon - trends wear out quickly, so if you wait months, the once-fresh look will be everywhere by August. 

Most authors and designers are provided incentives (read: paid) to promote certain trends; also, in a rural area like northern Michigan, trends tend to take longer to affect us.  The ripple effect felt from Los Angeles, New York, and Miami usually arrives in our area about nine months after urban areas see the trends take hold.  These two factors are good to keep in mind when choosing your decor.

Side note for Millennial friends of mine, frustrated by rural Michigan's generally-rustic taste: you should be personally thanking our tourist population for the style we do have.  Our beloved "fudgies" not only sustain area businesses: they bring their big-city taste to our area, and their demand provides an incentive for shops to keep up with what's up-and-coming across the country.  

The entire WSJ article is available for reading at this link: Top Five Interior Design Trends for 2016; I'll discuss one point:

Rose Gold is OUT; Black Accents are IN

(Photo Credit: Mod-Home.org, TheDesignChaser.com)

Copper and silver may battle for the "Most Volatile Metal" award in financial markets, but rose gold wins that title by several lengths in the fashion realm.  It appears to have a shelf life of about five months before designers are exclaiming "Enough with the rose!" from their blogs.  It had a moment this year, and every decor merchant from Wayfair.com to Hobby Lobby stocked rose gold finishes in droves.  But it's time to scale back and put the gold on hold for approximately 26 months, until it is again heralded as the latest and greatest in decor. 

Its replacement?  Black metals - and by extension, black accents in general.  From hardware, to lamps, to a gorgeous black focal wall as pictured here, black is the new... black.  Sleek, matte-finish chair legs, windows, picture frames, and tables will be popular this year. The look is minimalist; I've noticed a northern European flavor to the trend.  Think Scandinavian.

Did you fill your living space with rose gold, expecting the trend to stick around longer?  Chalk paint those vases, baby.  Light fixtures and table legs?  Matte black covers anything, and it's much kinder to resuscitate your $5.95 Pier One bowl than to make it sit around thinking about how unfashionable it is for the next 780 days.  But enough of my opinion!  Is "Back in Black" your idea of a designer's anthem for 2016?  Sound off in the comments!


  1. Jennymotherof2 01/05/2016 at 3:25 PM

    Black is forever! And Scandinavian thanks to the likes of Ikea. Thankfully still
    on the minimalist side. Clutter is so....out.

  2. Karen 01/05/2016 at 3:27 PM

    I love this! You never know what trends are around for a while and what are going out of style quickly. It's always better to stick with classic pieces. Write more posts like this!

  3. Cindy Whitley 01/05/2016 at 7:21 PM

    Oh my goodness, I love the informative, fun article, not to even mention your style, and I am so not surprised by any of it. I can only imagine the places you will go. Cindy

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