Warming Up to Baseball

Northern Michigan is finally waking up to springtime!  After what seemed an eternal winter, the snow has all but disappeared, and I have my Slackline ready to go for the first free afternoon.  Little League teams have been picked and practices are starting, which is always a blast for my family.  My dad is a coach year to year, and both of my brothers have gone through Little League, so our Saturdays have eternally been spoken for!  Baseball season through the years has meant countless minutes of batting practice and wiffle ball in the front yard.  When you have six kids and the dog chasing a ball around, it's a guarantee for memories to be made.

Baseball, family time, and home were synonymous in my childhood, so the latest Coldwell Banker TV ad stood out to me.  It's a great example of how our homes are not only where we sleep, eat, and store our things, but the platform on which our memories are based. 

 Watch it below!

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