Petoskey Community Honors Veterans

These are the days I'm glad I have an office with a view of the street!  I looked out the window this morning to see students from Lincoln, Sheridan, and other Petoskey Elementary schools, as well as veterans in uniform assembling at St. Francis Elementary.  I grabbed my camera and dashed out, just in time to keep pace with the children. 


They and the veterans paraded down Howard Street, carrying a flag that needed twenty-five kids to keep it aloft.  It was ceremoniously folded later by the kids, with an explanation of what each fold traditionally means (see an explanation here).

We gathered in Pennsylvania Park for the service honoring our veterans with a four-gun salute, readings by elementary students and educators, and singing "Proud to Be An American":


Finally, the students released yellow balloons into the air to remember the fallen heroes who served our country.  Today, no matter our political or religious beliefs, we are proud to be Americans. Thank you, veterans, for your service.

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