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Since I last posted a blog on this page I have caught some Carp in West Bay, Salmon in Lake Michigan, and a few Bass on Lake Huelmantel.  I have attended my sister's baby shower, played alot of Pickleball, swam in West Bay, and played many games of Cornhole. I have also been to a Phish show, my first Tigers game of 2009, and am about to turn 33.  There has been plenty of work in between these fun times.

Traverse City's real estate market has been a bit sluggish through the first half of 2009.  I would like to see interest rates drop about 1.5 points ( to around 4%) and a $15,000 tax credit go to all buyers (not just first timers).  I recently had a chance to hear Jim Gillespe (CEO of Coldwell Banker) speak at our manager's meeting.  He is absolutly proactive when lobbying for these changes.   He has spent alot of time in DC meeting with Senators and Congressman on the front line for change.  He is politically neutral and simply wants to see the United States pull out of this reccession.  Everybody agrees that real estate will lead the way.  Buyers need extra motivation to buy (low interest rates, high tax credits).  Sellers need to be able to sell and move up in the market, not just latterly.  We need to continue clearing the books of foreclosures so traditional sellers can get fair market value.  These are difficult tasks to accomplish in a difficult makert.  However, this is what it will take for our economy to recover.

Hopefully in the next few months a will catch some big Browns on the Manistee, watch the Tigers win the Central, smoke some Lake Michigan Salmon, and sell some real estate in Northern Michigan.

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