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This is my first Blog (I'm not sure if that is capitalized or not).  Thanks to Matt Case I have become motivated to share my thoughts, on my passions.  Those include my wife and family (not sure if they want in yet), real estate, sports, fishing (also a sport), and music.  Traverse City's real estate market is full of great buys, motivated sellers, and bank owned homes.  Buyers are beginning to realize that it may never get better than this (ie. LOW interest rates, $8,000 tax credits, motivated sellers).  Finally, Spring weather is here which makes travel easier and house hunting more enjoyable.  This should be an active Spring, Summer, Fall buying season and I look forward to providing my clients with unparalled service. 

Now for sports.  The Detroit Tigers won last night 12-10 over the Los Angelos Angels of Anaheim.  but, I was unable to stay awake for it.  My wife told me to "turn it off" at midnight when they were trailing 7-6.  Verlander was not sharp and looks (as usual) like he needs to lay off the Red Bull.  He works too fast and needs to slow down.  Ryan Rayburn made some cructial errors in the outfield and Curtis Granderson proved again he loves to hit in Aneheim.  I hope the Lions do not pick Matthew Stafford.  Nothing against him, but they need offensive line help (Jason Smith OT from Baylor).  Any position help on defense (LB Curry sounds good to me) is also a need.  There are plenty of QBs available next year lets not rush into another Joey situation.  The Red Wings will go for a sweep tonight and the Pistons look as interested as me at a Miley Cyrus concert.

Now for fishing.  The Trout Opener is this weekend and I'm excited.  I will be floating the "flies only" stretch of the Manistee River tomorrow with a friend of mine.  Then we'll be staying at our family cabin for the whole weekend with my dad, uncle, and several other firends.  The weather is suppossed to be fantastic which should only help the fishing conditions.

Now for music.  My favorite band is Phish.  I have been to 35 concerts over the years and they have taken me all over the place (Las Vegas, Boston, Colorado, Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, Wahington, and Idaho just to name a few.  They recently took four years off and came back to play three sold out shows at the Hampton Coliseum in Hampton, VA,  I was not able to get tickets (like millions of other fans) so the band provided all of the concert MP3s available for free on their website.  This was a very cool gesture and I have been listening to them non-stop.  I also like Asher Roth.  He is a new artist from Pennsylvania.  For the older crowd reading this (if anyone is reading this) you probably won't like him.  However, my opinion is I cannot help the music I like, it is simply built into my being.  He is a kid who raps about growing up in the suberbs.  He is true to himself and has some interesting lyrics.  I didn't write it, I am simply entertained by it.

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