Riverfront Property and Swine Flu

I went fishing on the Manistee River on the "flies only" stretch Friday afternoon/evening.  The weather was spectacular and the fishing was somewhat slow.  My friend and I floated from Hole in the Fence to Yellow Trees and enjoyed every minute of it.  Along the way we saw a man who was sitting on a bench next to his cabin.  We started talking to him as we floated by.  He said his cabin was for sale and he asked us if we wanted to see the interior.  We said yes and pulled over to view it.  This cabin features 960 feet of frontage on the Manistee River, 17 private acres, a quaint clean cabin, guest quarters, and spectacular views.  The mls# is 1702823 and it is priced at #324,900.  You never know when you will find a good deal on the river.  Pardon me while I switch gears.

I am suppossed to be traveling to Mazatlan, Mexico for vacation on Thursday.  As everyone know the swine flu has got me extremly paranoid.  I love Mexico but, I don't want to be there from April 30th until forever.  If anyone has any advice for me don't hesitate to call, email, fax, or deliver in person their 2 cents.  My plan right now is to pack my shorts, flip flops, sunscreen, gas mask, and 14 gallons of Purell and go.

The Tigers completed a pretty good 9 game road trip.  They finished the trips to Seattle, Aneheim, and Kansas City with a 5-4 record and are now home to start a three game set with the Yankees.  The Lions ended up drafting Matthew Stafford with the first pick in the NFL draft this weekend.  This was not my first choice.  Then they took a tight end and safety with the following two picks.  It seems to me like there were many more needs to address with these first three picks (defensive and offensive line come to mind).  Maybe Millen was on the phone with Mayhew.

This was a great weekend with alot going on.  Hopefully I will be able to post a few more times before I either leave or stay.  Take care for now.


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