Back To School

Its very hard to grasp the idea that summer is slipping away, I'm still waiting for it to get here!!! Yes only 2 short weeks and our Northern Michigan Kids go back to school.   Allot of folks think it marks the end of a good housing market. Not true!   Many homes will now be discounted and reduced so sellers can move before *Yes* the snow comes.....   Terrible to think of in August, however we have been experiencing lows into the 40's for over night lows!!!  

I would be happy to prepare a market report for you if you would like to sell, and extend to all potential buyers a Free "Sit Down" I am always eager to explain the whole home buying process including tax benefits to home ownership, and would love to speak with you about them.   Call me anytime 231-645-2600

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Belinda Mercado

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