Fall is the most beautiful time of year in Northern Michigan, above all please remember safety.



I just witnessed a beautiful rainbow in the western sky through rain and an East rising sun..  Magnificent!!!  

I then noticed our colors are near peak in my area already, and this got me thinking.

It is that time of year where we want to prepare for the coming winter season.  I know, Yikes!


Please keep your family safe this season, here is a small to do list as a reminder :)

1. Check battery in all smoke alarms, install a carbon monoxide detector 

2. Have furnace checked over and cleaned, change filter

3. Clear out your rain gutters

4. If you are heating with wood, have your chimney sweeped, check stove for leaks

5. Clean up all your yard lighting/decor  and store

6. Check windows and doors for drafts, install weather strip if needed

. Fall is a time of great beauty, please be mindful as we near Halloween, and keep your kids safe while 

  Trick or treating!!! 


**If you have an up North vacation home, now is a great time to have it winterized for the season.  Our temps have already dipped into the 30's a few times.  Rather be safe and do it now, before plumbing has a chance to freeze.   


Happy Fall call me if you are interested in buying or selling a home.  I would be happy to work with you.






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