Sellers Market, sell it today!!!

We can all see the trend, and it has been in the making for the past 6 months, as predicted!

The time is upon us now...  Sellers are seeing more money for their properties and they are going under contract within 30 days.  Priced right, clean and maintained homes are "Hot"... We are still very low on inventory and working with allot of buyers.   Demand is high and inventory low = great sellers market.  Overall our prices are up between 5 & 8% over this time last year.   If you have been wanted to sell your home and were waiting for market improvements.  Get on board, now! We need homes listed to get them sold call me today 231-645-2600  I would be happy to prepare a Free Brokers Price Opinion of your property to determine the market value.   

Best,  Belinda 

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Belinda Mercado

Belinda Mercado

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