Traverse City, MI Veterans Deserve the Best!

Veterans have given so much to this great country and to our citizens. To show my appreciation to my fellow veteran, I am offering the Military Rewards Package. The Military Rewards Package can be used in conjunction with the VA-backed loan program. The Military Rewards Package provides cash back savings after closing on a purchase of a home.

Many things have changed and for the Traverse City, MI Veterans, the change has brought the once lengthy VA appraisal process to be more in-line with today's closing requirements. Traverse City, MI Veterans has shown their dedication to our country through unselfish service, now Traverse City, MI Veterans can experience the value of home ownership with increase incentives. 

As a trusted real estate advisor for Traverse City, MI Veterans, I use my core beliefs, instilled during my service in the U.S. Air Force to provide the best possible outcome for my brethren. Traverse City, MI Veterans deserve the best representation during the home buying or selling process and I am honored to provide that service.

Also, Traverse City, MI Veterans’ home sellers receive competitive saving when trusting me with the sell of their home. Traverse City, MI Veterans Home Sellers receive the same high level of customer service, attention to detail and quality service as with any Traverse City, MI Veterans Home Buyer. 

During the home buying or selling process the Traverse City, MI Veterans will be guided through each phase of the process: home search, to contract negotiation and finalizing the closing process. By helping each Traverse City, MI Veterans Home Buyer/Seller, I ensure a great person and family receive the rewards of their sacrifices and dedication to our way of life.

If you are a Traverse City, MI Veteran or you know of Traverse City, MI Veterans that has questions, concerns or would like additional information about the process, please feel free to contact me. For the Traverse City, MI Veterans, I am here to ensure you receive the value of home ownership and/or selling your next home.

Click on the American Flag to start your property search today.

Traverse City, MI Veterans, I want to thank you for your service and sacrifices. Please contact me today to learn more:

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