Crooked Lake waterfront price per front foot, northen michigan waterfront real estate

Here are the average sold price per front foot for Crooked Lake.  Click Here to Search all MLS listings on Crooked Lake, Walloon Lake, Burt Lake, Lake Michigan, and Pickerel Lake. Often, we here it discussed and applied to our local waterfront: Price per front foot is best used for lots of uniform depth in downtown areas or subdivisions.  Crooked Lake, Pickerel Lake, Walloon Lake, Burt Lake, etc. all vary so much in there topography and layout that generalizing price per front foot does not make for accurate comparisons.  Further analysis and adjustments are needed to reflect each lots unique features.  Search all MLS Listings

Sold Average Price per Front Foot Crooked and Pickerel Lakes

2010 /09             $2,065 / ft.

2009                   $1,081 / ft.

2008, 07, 06       $1,263 / ft.

2005                   $2,381 / ft.

2004                   $1,657 / ft.

03, 02, 01           $1,048 / ft.



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