Local Favorites: Eateries in Petoskey

Downtowns across Emmet and Charlevoix counties are seeing more tourists flooding their streets this year.  Tourists, or "fudgies" as we locals affectionately call them, are the lifeblood of our restaurants and boutiques.  Here in Petoskey we have a variety of both chain restaurants and local originals - here are a few unique favorites for you to try at lunch this weekend.  Search for homes near any of these great places by following this link - get to know what Petoskey has to offer!

1) Thai Orchid

       One of a small selection of ethnic cuisine options available in Petoskey, Thai Orchid is a popular choice for quiet lunch and dinner choices, as well as takeout.  Pad Thai Curry is a delicious staple, and the rest of the menu contains varieties from noodles and salads to spring rolls and curry-battered walleye.  They describe their levels of spiciness with this handy guide for their mainly-American clientele:

No spice = no sweat no tears no worries
MILD = just a few flakes, less than a pinch
MILD + = exactly a pinch, no burn yet
MEDIUM = a little burn, a cup of water
MEDIUM + = burn, a pitcher of water
HOT = burning, pitchers of water, and napkins
EXTRA HOT = if you never had it then you’re asking for trouble

2) City Park Grill

A favorite with locals and tourists alike, for anything from business lunches to a night out with friends.  Local bands play there several times a week, all throughout the summer, and they host the popular Battle of the Bands, a friendly competition between local artists.  The classic historic atmosphere is difficult to match anywhere else in our area.  

3) Mim's Mediterranean Grill

The Grill's colorful and quaint exterior is matched on the inside with some of the friendliest staff in town.  Sit outside on the deck and enjoy Greek cuisine, from gyros and kabobs to falafel and calamari.  This is one that is easily missed by tourists, as it sits just on the outskirts of Petoskey.  Make it a stop for lunch once and you'll be a lifetime fan.

This is just a sampler of the lighter fare Petoskey restaurants offer.  I'll be featuring more local haunts in the weeks to come; until then, make sure you add these to your list of eateries to visit this summer. And should you decide to make your visit a permanent stay, use my search here to find a home in our beautiful area.

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