Location, location, location is Wrong, wrong wrong.....

When it comes to selling real estate often you will hear “Location, Location, Location”, but I say that is Wrong, Wrong, Wrong.  I don’t care for repetitive phrases but it does help drive home the point. So often we hear buyers, sellers, the public, media, and even agents saying that the ability to sell of a property is based on location, location, location.  When selling, I would argue that location is merely a component of price and exposure. Instead of location, location, location I would argue that success in selling is based on Price and Real Estate Broker.  Price should take into consideration condition, age, functional obsolescence and external obsolescence, and, of course, location.  Price alone will not help you realize the best value.  That is where an experienced and skilled real estate professional comes in.  It is essential to reach a large number of potential purchasers while presenting the property in a manner that highlights benefits and encourages competitive interest.  Furthermore, strong and skilled negotiation is needed to ensure a clean, favorable agreement and successful closing.  There are many issues involved with the sale of real estate and these are just some thoughts.  If a property is not selling, I would suggest examining the price and the real estate broker.  


Bill Winslow, Managing Broker, Coldwell Banker Schmidt Realtors, Petoskey, MI (231) 838-5263, william.winslow@coldwellbanker.com

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Bill Winslow

Bill Winslow

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